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About the Consultants Directory

The IACFB's Commercial Finance Consultants Directory is published exclusively online to provide an accessible link to professional certified consultants as a service to America's small business owners in search of growth and working capital for their entrepreneurial enterprises.  The directory provides consultant listings by state and region with direct links for contact.

About Services Found In the Directory

The IACFB Commercial Finance Consultants Directory provides a great deal of information on types of alternative commercial finance available to small business owners.  The various "Services" links found in the sites navigation bar provides an overview of each financing type and some general information on credit or other qualifications required to access that particular form of financing. 

Those in need of financing can explore the many types of financing offered by IACFB consultants or simply locate and speak with a consultant to explore the many alternative financing options available to their type of business.

About Consultant Listings in the Directory

Consultants listed in the IACFB Directory are strictly limited to IACFB Members who have succeeded in qualifying for such listing through our training and testing programs.

About Applying for Financing

Applying for small business financing is very easy and can be done in one of two ways.

  1. Apply directly form this site using our online or PDF application
  2. Find the nearest certified consultant to you and apply directly from their website

Click the icon at right to find out more about our application process.