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Equipment Financing

Equipment financing is a method financing the machinery, computers, vehicles, etc. needed by your business.  It can often provide 100% financing and can also (in the case of leasing) provide you with favorable tax benefits.

Equipment Finance vs. Equipment Leasing

Equipment finance is typically used when the equipment you are acquiring is for longer term and is equipment which will not suffer drastically from obsolescence.  This can be used for anything from long-life heavy equipment to fixtures.

Equipment leasing is often used for equipment that has a short useful life and becomes obsolete due to advances in technology.  Computers, copiers, short life vehicles, etc. would fall into this category.  It important to note that certain types of leases (known as finance leases) actually provide all the characteristics and benefits of an equipment loan. 

Who Provides Equipment Finance?

Since it is a form of asset-based finance, Equipment Finance is offered by thousands of providers including banks and leasing companies.  The many new online lenders also provide equipment finance in the form of a cash advance where the funds are used to simply purchase equipment, however this is by far the most expensive method to finance equipment. 

Applying for Equipment Financing

As always, small business owners are encouraged to first apply at their local community bank for equipment financing.  If your application is accepted, this will be your most advantageous cost of funding.  As the vast majority of such loan applications are declined, however, you will likely need to seek access to alternative commercial finance providers and highly-specialized leasing companies.

Enlisting the Assistance of a Commercial Finance Consultant

Enlisting the assistance of a professional Commercial Finance Consultant can...

Virtually all Commercial Finance Consultants provide free consultations and in most cases, all placement fees are paid by the lender and not the small business owner.  This means for those businesses in urgent need of growth and working capital, the services of their highly-trained consultant come at very little or no cost.

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