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Accounts Receivable Factoring

For small businesses providing goods or services on a B2B basis, accounts receivable factoring is the most commonly used financial tool worldwide which addresses the cash flow problems associated with granting payment terms to customers.

With a factoring arrangement in place, you...

Characterized by Its Simplicity

Although well known for its problem solving capabilities, factoring is also characterized by its simplicity and ease of access, even to the newest of businesses.  A powerful factoring arrangement can be set up in just a matter of days and unlike a traditional bank loan, your factoring facility also grows in size as your business sales grow with no "lender hoops" to jump through.

Transactional Financing

Factoring is transactional financing with each invoice you generate being financed separately much like a credit card transaction.  Fees are modest and cease as soon as an invoice is paid by your customer.  In fact, factoring fee rates for invoices paid within a 30 day range are almost identical to the fees that would be charged if your customer actually paid by credit card.

Specialty Areas of Service

Though simplistic in its financing approach, there are many "specialized" niche areas of factoring with many providers.  For example, there are factors that specialize in financing:

How to Get Started...Get an Estimate

Is factoring the right solution for solving the cash flow problems of your small business?  Its easy to find out by simply contacting an IACFB Certified Commercial Finance Consultant in your area and setting up a free, no-obligation consultation.  IACFB maintains relationships with over 500 small business lenders and our Certified Commercial Finance Consultants have access to hundreds of specialty factors and can arrange a financing facility for your business typically in less than 72 hours.