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Asset-Based Lines of Credit

Asset-Based Lines of Credit are typically collateralized loans structured as revolving lines of credit.  In many instances for distributors and manufacturers, ABL lines are the natural successor to factoring facilities They feature and are characterized by:

Who Provides Asset-Based Lines of Credit

Many banks will provide business owners with revolving credit lines, although most do not.  There are, however, hundreds of alternative commercial finance sources that actually specialize in these popular competitive types of business loans.

Uses for Asset-Based Lines of Credit

Asset-Based Lines of Credit can be utilized to finance almost any typical business need including the financing of:

Applying for Asset-Based Lines of Credit

Small business owners should first attempt to apply at their local community bank for asset-based revolving line of credit financing.  If the application is accepted, this will probably (although not assured) be your most advantageous cost of funding.  As the vast majority of such loan applications are declined, however, you will likely need to seek access to alternative commercial finance providers through research or through a professional Commercial Finance Consultant.

Enlisting the Assistance of a Commercial Finance Consultant

Enlisting the assistance of a professional Commercial Finance Consultant can...

Virtually all Commercial Finance Consultants provide free consultations and in most cases, all placement fees are paid by the lender and not the small business owner.  This means for those businesses in urgent need of growth and working capital, the services of their highly-trained consultant come at very little or no cost.

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