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Purchase Order Finance

Purchase order finance is a powerful form of finance used to actually manufacture goods needed to meet large purchase orders from creditworthy customers.  With purchase order finance...

Purchase order finance, along with factoring, offers a complete financing package when small business owners earn a large order from creditworthy customers, such as large corporations, big box stores, and governmental entities.  It is used for goods only, and cannot typically be used for contracts for services.

Who Provides Purchase Order Finance

The most common source of purchase order financing for your business will be specialized providers of this service as well as certain factors which provide purchase order finance and factoring as a complete package.  While certain types of bank loans can be utilized for purchase orders, this type of financing is so "transactional" in nature and short term, banks tend to not participate. 

Alternative Commercial Finance Lenders (ACF) are specialists in the area of purchase order finance and all small manufacturers and offshore contract manufacturers should become familiar with this powerful financing tool which allows them to market to much larger customers and apply for large, governmental procurement contracts.

Uses for Purchase Order Finance

Purchase order finance is used only to manufacture goods to meet orders from large, creditworthy customers.  While they can be both domestic and international in nature, its use is so commonly used in the manufacturing of goods in China and the Pacific Rim it is usually associated with offshore manufacturing.

Applying for Purchase Order Financing

Because of its transactional nature, it is best to apply for purchase order finance with one of the specialty providers of this services or a commercial factor.

Enlisting the Assistance of a Commercial Finance Consultant

Enlisting the assistance of a professional Commercial Finance Consultant can...

  • assist greatly in locating a suitable purchase order finance specialist
  • insure your financing application is tendered to the right "specialized" purchase order finance company
  • provide you with an accessible local representative to assist in additional related financing needs

Virtually all Commercial Finance Consultants provide free consultations and in most cases, all placement fees are paid by the lender and not the small business owner.  This means for those businesses in urgent need of growth and working capital, the services of their highly-trained consultant come at very little or no cost.

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