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Why Use an IACFB Certified Commercial Finance Consultant?

Business finance has become much more complex over the last few years and in fact, many small business owners are simply overwhelmed by their many options.  To be certain, some such options, and particularly many of today's algorithmically driven online lenders, can border on predatory. 

A Certified Commercial Finance Consultant is a highly-trained and skilled professional who can assist small business owners in making the right choices when it comes to non-bank financing options.  IACFB consultants are small business educators and can explain the various financing options available to business owners in almost any situation.

Niche Financing Expertise

While 30 years ago, banks employed a "one size fits all" mentality when it came to business loans, that is certainly no longer the case.  In today's world of business finance, "niche" specialty finance companies abound.  In factoring (accounts finance) alone, there are hundreds of very specialized providers that focus almost entirely on servicing a particular segment of the market.  Such niche specialty lenders include those focusing on freight bills, staffing companies, the oil services industry, agriculture, and dozens more.  In almost every case, aligning your business with such "specialized" niche lenders almost always leads to a better client / lender relationship and lower costs.

Your Consultation is Free and Complimentary

All IACFB Commercial Finance Consultants offer free consultations to business owners in search of financing and requesting a complimentary consultation is the best way to begin working with an IACFB Financing Consultant.

To locate an IACFB consultant near you, simply search using the Drop Down search box at right.  You could be just a few days away from accessing the business capital you need and deserve.